Why is Nutrition Science so Complicated?

Nutrition is so complicated. You have keto, paleo, carnivore, vegan, intermittent fasting and a slew of other diets. How does a regular person discern fact from fiction? One diet claims fat is the greatest thing ever and yet another diet claims eating fat will kill you. It really is too much and it causes many individuals to just give up altogether.

A bawse never gives up. She educates herself and makes informed decisions. The best thing is to pick a diet or nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle. Choose an eating plan you can maintain for life because there are no quick fixes. You have to eat so the best thing to do is train yourself to eat mindfully. If you eat healthy eighty percent or more of the time you should be fine assuming you get a little exercise each day. Before you put anything in your mouth ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Am I hungry or just eating because of “cravings” or boredom?
  2. Are there any nutrients in this food?
  3. Will this satiate me after eating one to two servings?
  4. How much exercise will I have to do to burn this off?

Life is hard. Make nutrition easy by remembering that your body is a temple and you ultimately are what you eat. Bawse up baby!