Is Your Job or Career Just a Distraction

For many, a job or career is just a means to pay their bills. Nothing more. Nothing less. Your average American makes about twenty-eight to thirty thousand dollars a year. This is enough money to barely scrape by and live in a one-bedroom apartment in many cities in the United States. 

Now there are individuals that make six figures and up.  Six figures seems like a mountain of money but it isn’t really much when you factor in the cost of living and all the debt many Americans have. Media outlets lately are uncovering individuals in places such as Silicon Valley that are making over six figures and can only afford to live in their cars. Inflation is a monster.

There are individuals that like there jobs or careers but more often than not you hear of individuals that do not like their place of employment. People remain at jobs for years or even decades dealing with workplace fuckery and foolishness. Coworkers that have nothing going for them outside of work and come to work wanting to boss everyone around and also to cause misery and mayhem are dreadful.  Upper, middle and lower management frequently have zero leadership skills but are placed in management positions because they brown nosed the right person, stabbed someone in the back or hopped into the sack with someone are a nightmare.

What then is a job or a career? She’s The Bawse feels most jobs and careers are a distraction from one’s true purpose in life. A career is a distraction from self-mastery and being there for your loved ones. Jobs and careers keep you stressed out and anxious so you really can’t do much outside of the workplace. You find yourself too physically, mentally and emotionally drained to tap into your creativity or do anything super productive. The worst part of working for a living is that most people really don’t have much to show for the forty plus hours of their life they sacrifice every week. Living paycheck to paycheck and always being worried about getting fired, downsized or laid off really is nothing to be thrilled about.

A bawse knows that life is too short to waste it at some dead-end job or career. A bawse knows she must escape the nine to five slave trap. No more excuses. No more distractions. Ditch that soul-sucking job today. A bawse knows how to make a way out of no way. Bawse up baby!