Buy A Franchise Or Start A Business?

More and more people are seeking entrepreneurial endeavors due to the fact the nine of ten jobs or careers are basically temp jobs. The good old days where you would go work for a company, be a good employer and stay there for thirty plus years are over.

Common tenure at many organizations these days is three months to three years. This sad statistic has forced many individuals to be untrustworthy and leary of most organizations. Starting a business is certainly a smart alternative to save yourself from being a wage slave that can be laid off, downsized or fired for the slightest of misdeeds. Starting a business from scratch while admirable is not an easy task.Β  What’s a smart alternative to starting a business from scratch? Investing in a franchise.

A carefully vetted and researched franchise can make the road to entrepreneurship faster and less arduous. There are hundreds of franchises to choose from. You simply find a franchise that works with the lifestyle you desire. You then meet the financial requirements to become a franchisee and voila you are a bawse that has a business with a step by step blueprint at your fingertips.Β 

It really is personal preference. Many people enjoy the challenge of creating a unique business of their own from scratch while others prefer a more “done for you” option. The main point is to do something. Don’t just sit there hoping and praying you will survive the next round of layoffs and firings. Bawse up!